like the sea, i'm constantly changing from calm to ill.

Midwest roots.


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How to finger a girl

1. Use your tongue

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Honeybee - Seahaven| my edit |


Spirit Desire | Tigers Jaw

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Kinda wanna punch you in the face, kinda wanna suck your dick

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Tigers Jaw - Spirit Desire (Acoustic, Tour EP)

I’m not bored at all,
You can call me when you want to call.

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honey bee || SEAHAVEN

I don’t even want you back. 
No, I would never want to risk something like that. 
'Cause I lost faith in myself, 
when I turned away from the one with the longest stretch of embracing arms to hold me.—

I think that you deserve some form of apology. 
So here I am, at the end, I’m sorry.

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I learned a lot about falling in love when I fell out of love
I learned a lot about being a friend when I was alone
Well I played with fire, I burned it all down
I’ve made more mistakes than you can count

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Anonymous said: I miss you.

Well anon I’m sorry.

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